Thursday, January 31, 2013

Right Road

Road to the Oscars #3: Best Actor

Academy Award category for  Leading Role (Best Actor in a) is always going to be tough to actually win, however these five nominees have faced the challenge of going to above their expectations to actually get nominated,: Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook), Hugh Jackman  (Les Miserables), Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln) , Denzel Washington for (Fligh), and Joaquin Phoenix (The Mastert). All have worked very hard to reach the point that they are in, in there careers today, and it will finally payoff for one of these men.

I believe the Academy Award will be handed too,  Daniel Day-Lewis. Daniel Lewis's attempt of being one of the greatest presidents of all time, Abraham Lincoln, is just something that someone with very high confidence can only achieve. Lewis greatly displayed all the importancy of one of the greatest men in history. due to Lewis' acting its hard to believe he will not win this award.