Thursday, March 14, 2013

Journal #2

This week me and Melvin had to create a beat sheet after re-writing the treatment. I can see where these beat sheets come in handy. They are pretty short for our treatments, and it gets all the main points in the story nice and short. The beat sheet is pretty much just an outline which guides us when we start writing screenplays.

I feel as if me and my partner are having a great time with this. Yes we may mess around a bit i admit it, however we both innovate ideas which allows us to benefit the film and i honestly love how it is right now. Its a whole lot more clear, and it all makes sence.

Honestly me and my partner can imagine all of the great noir that come from this film. I hope it gets picked to be produced, although I believe that everyone's film should be produced because everyone, as i said before has diffrent opinions, and diffrent likings. This is a film class so what would be better than watching a film rather than hearing it?

Thursday, March 7, 2013


film treatments generally are fun to do because it allows the filmmaker to have a clear open mind and be creative with his or hers story. There may be limits occasionally on what is, and is not allowed. However honestly its great for all of us because it also allows all of us as filmmakers to step outside of the box that we are accustomed to. by accepting these limits we may find various variety's of genres we may like to work on that we did not even realize at first.  generally its pretty much just about taking a chance on something new that could potentially appear in our futures.
Now on to the negative things about discussing these treatments with a pretty large group of people. as filmmakers we all have our OWN vision of how a story is going to turn out and how we are going to set everything up. So when people automatically criticize our story's rather then listening throughout the entire story we simply lose a huge amount of attention for the criticizer. In my own opinion instead of attacking with criticism rapidly maybe the person should state something positive about the story, and then give his or hers own opinion of how the film should be. Then it will allow the person who wrote the story to be more open minded and take in any suggestions. Its funny just the other day a guy named Ramiro Arechiga told me, "if you cant explain your story then its not good" and this is what i have to say , "To be great is to be misunderstood." (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self - Reliance)
Moving forward, overall this is great to work on with so many different people because everyone has different ways of thinking and it allows us to expand our minds into different ways of thinking. I'm happy with the people that are in my class due to the variety of unique people that are in there. they think differently then one another, and actually take things seriously, some what, rather then being in a class fulled with moronic people who would probably not even suggest, or pay attention at all.