Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pan's Labyrinth

"Pan's Labyrinch", the 2006 film directed by Guillermo del Toro is soon to be transformed into a new musical. the film is about, "a young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer who finds refuge and terror in a fantasy world in 1944 Fascist Spain. The stage version already has a book that has been written by del Toro and Jeremy Ungar". Pual Williams and  Gustavo Santaolalla have just gotten hired to write the lyrics and music. for the past years del toro has been working on this musical quietly
I really loved this movie when i was small and i really admire scary movies because of all of the hype that leads to the final scenes what might been the most terrifying thing you have ever witnessed. Although this is not the case for this film i still really love the dark fantasy that Del Toro has created to really make the very best that he possibly could to interpret everything to present his voice as a director. It has taken quite a while to have something relative to the film, and to know that is it becoming a musical is great because if you have ever seen the movie you can easily comprehend how the musical would look.

just by reading this article it makes me remember how in film anything can be done. and Del Toro created a transformation of a fantasy, and darkness to make it into a great movie. If he could combine the two to make the best of it, then anything that anyone ever does should be done by the persons greatest ability to do so. i for one would actually really want to go and watch this musical because i believe that it will simpily be great.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wonder Women

CW, Warner Bros. Explore Casting The Lead In Wonder Woman Origin Project – Meet Iris
Waner Bros. TV (the studio behind The CW) has hired a casting director to search for a a women to become the lead role of Wonder Woman. A breakdown of the role has been released and story writter Allen Hienburg has written that "chronicles the female superhero’s life as a young Amazonian, before she becomes a warrior princess with super powers." However her name is now Iris and not Diana (as before). never the less this has been one of the CW's greatest year's and if Wonder Women comes out great it would make the franchise a whole lot stronger.
This article shows how important that it is to have casting calls to find the perfect actor to fit a specific role in whatever it may be that any filmmaker is creating for a project. i love DC comics and numerous amount of superheros and as a child i use to watch Wonder Women and i personally though it was intresting. it amazes me how after so many years a filmmaker can respark something that hasent really been an impact just as long as Wonder Women.
I have really learned through the year how important everything really is for everything due in film. if you do not like something and it dosent seem right then it is not. and i feel like that is the right example to use for casting someone because, especially in a TV series, i would want someone who is PERFECT for whatever the series is about and have the right attitude toward everything.
I do wonder if this will make or break the Waner bros. and CW industry or make it a whole lot better but i do hope it makes it a lot better due to the fact that i watch almost ever show on the CW

Thursday, November 15, 2012


An MTV investor is concerned about a 31% prime time rating in comparison of the present year, and the previous of 2011. "But CEO Philippe Dauman assured analysts this morning that MTV is “not broken.”" in fact the CEO states that the channel is "highly successful", and “no concerns about MTV’s vitality going forward.” The CEO also stated that "Catfish" (the TV show) about online romance became ”the highest-rated launch in MTV history.” 

This illustrates the confidence level that MTV has, but mainly the CEO. I choose this article because honestly i was watching Jersey Shore, and an article on MTV came out so i saw no reason not to write about this. But what first caught my eye was the title of the article "MTV is not broken". this brought to my attention because when people think of MTV they think of really entertaining shows from "teens and young adults". and i just had curiosity on why they would even state a comment of MTV not being broken, but now we know why. 

This actually does not have an impact on me as a student because its irrelevant. However as a future filmmaker this makes me aware that one must always be on the very climax of his/hers game, and if not percentages will lower harshly and someone else WILL step up next. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Episode VII

Michael Arndt "The Oscar-winning Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter, who also penned Toy Story 3 and the upcoming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is in the line for working on the next Star Wars episode VII for next year, but not just one but for these 3 next Star Wars Movies. He was brought on bored by Lucasfilm to put together and bring ideas to take the franchise in a forward road.
Oscar-Winning Scribe Michael Arndt Penned Treatment For Next Three ‘Star Wars’ Fims; Will Work On ‘Episode VII’This is great for the franchise helping on one of the greatest movie franchise of all time. this really expands the franchises to almost an unlimited extent. This specific article brings up a lot of diffrent possibilities that may come fourth in the new movie. Arndt penned Toy Story 3 and for the most part a lot of people did not see that there would be a bit of a suprise/emotional twist in the end with the girl ending up with ALL of all grown up Andys toys. I find it funny because i have recently first watched the Star Wars films starting from the originally first ones. This is great because in my perspective i did not have to wait and wonder if there would be new or future movies and i actually will have the ability to know that there will be three more and i think its really great. 
As a consumer this is very exciting because for a well known fact this movie is going to get sold out through the nation very quickly and i really want to have the chance to go see the film in a movie theater just because its a lot better to be with friends rather than waiting for the film to come out on DVD. and this is really great for Disney because obviously new product will be created for people to buy and if the film is a success then they will bring a lot of dollar signs due to this film.

Friday, October 26, 2012

"Cloud Atlas"

"No woman was ever ruined by a book", New York City Mayor Jimmy Walker stated, "but filmmakers are always being seduced by them, with unlucky audiences left to pay the price." by the reviewer writing this he is trying to tell the reader that him as an audience member did not feel pleased with the film, and in his opinion had "frustrating results". the reviwer also makes a statement that the crew set up to record this film said by  Andy Wachowski"the sum of human experience," The reviewer says "The main stumbling block that "Cloud Atlas" presents is . . . wildly different stories that unfold in multiple locations over hundreds of years (though that alone is obviously a major hurdle).

I really wanted to see this movie because i actually like how the camera looked during the trailer, and i really like the story of this film due to personal reasons. this really stands out to me because mostly, if not at least 60 percent of movies have to do with vampires, and werewolf's over and over again and i think that its great that there can finally be a film that doesn't have anything to do with today's repeatedly iconic movies. 

although after reading this review I'm not 100 percent sure if i feel the same way as a consumer. the reviewer makes so many negative statements. But everyone has their own opinion. even though this review has had an impact on how i believe the films expectations are to myself i still would like to go see this film because of the entire plot. This also raises my awareness on how as a filmmaker every single step, and move that is made is under the magnifying glass by everyone. Its okay due to the fact that it thrives oneself to try their hardest. 

This particular review did not really raise any questions to me, but i really respect all of the filmmakers that EXPRESS themselves through their own films and are not afraid to do something UNIQUE and have a CHANCE to actually do what they love to do without anyone always watching their every step until they trip. i love how filmmakers GROW with every film that is presented without negative feedback or any feed back at all. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Media Distribution Deal

Paramount Home Media, and Warner Brothers Entertainment united today (October 4th, 2012) and claimed there alliance revolving around more than six hundred catalog titles from Paramount's film library. The deal that Paramount allows Warner Brothers is to distribute the more than six hundred titles to physical Blu-ray and DVD with Paramount's exclusive rights to the United States and Canada, and Paramount's UltraViolet offerings will be available to non-exclusive rights through Flixster. This also allows Warner brother to manufacture on demand rights to "include UltraViolet Digital Copy bundled with packaged media." In return Paramount will receive all digital rights for their titles, including EST, VOD, and subscription VOD. This is a three year deal that will take full effect on New Years day of 2013, only approximately 100 cornerstone titles such as major movie franchises are excluded from the agreement.
This was interesting due to the statement that two major industries are gathering together to actually make a agreement on becoming alliances and working with each other rather than against. This impacts the way that consumers will buy DVDs and how they see them as well. from a personal perspective, their are movie rental stores that only sale a specific brand of films, weather its Paramount or Warner Brothers it would not matter as soon as we start the New Year. Both companies will in a way share their product but in their own individual way creatively make them unique in the way the viewer visually experiences the product. This very well impacts the way (As a consumer) that i would want to see the product. this makes me choose besides the two and i would honestly want to receive the greater product. This revels how the industries are trying new things and demonstrates how they use strategy and statics to obtain what ever they may want. This makes me think if the industries have deals all of the time, and if they would be willing to sacrifice a lot of their franchise to better the future, in a way taking a risk.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

California Governor Signs Law To Protect Child Actors

Governor Jim Brown has singed a law in which bar registered sex offenders who have shown minors working for the entertainment industry. this law requires criminal background checks for maneges, photographers, and other unsupervised compatibility to young performers. this law has gained momentum since last year when the arrest of a convict child molester, who had been working as a casting associate with children. up until this point only agents and studio teachers have been subjected to fingerprinting and background checks.
this is going to change the industry in a very major way for the better. the fact seeing that the government is actually making an effort on helping protect child actors is great and this is truly great because now if people actually want to get somewhere weather it be in music, film, or just getting recognized they can feel a bit more safe with this law taking act. they do not longer have to worry about if they can, "trust" somebody with their work. for instance if a teenager wants to become a successful director one day and some strange producer comes out of no where i highly doubt that they would
"trust" that person.
this is significantly huge because as a student i want to know one hundred and fifty percent that i am safe with the people that i am surrounded by especially if its having to do with the entertainment industry. and i know that if i ever want to become something to do with that side of the industry i would be very highly cautious because you honestly cant determine if someone is really bad or not, and the fingerprinting is really a great thing because it show if someone is telling you the truth or not. I also know that if i are to become a future filmmaker i would make sure that all of my staff, and crew are 100% clean on their record books and would never even think about doing anything like molesting a child in their life.
i believe it is great that this part of the industry is starting to take percussion on who people can rile on and i just wonder every single industry will be in the future? will they be 100% legitimate? will they gradually start slipping ? or will they actually help you make it into success?.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Netflix Unfazed By Growing Competition From Amazon, Exec Says

a new contender is attempting to take competition with Netflix after so many years, but according to chief content officer ted sarandos he is not concerned with the competition because of a deal with Netflix and Epix are going negotiate in the near future. The only reason why Netflix is actually getting Epix's is because Epix is exclusive, so therefore not so many people want to pay so much just to see one movie. Ted sarandos believes that this is very important because “the most-watched content on Netflix is exclusive to Netflix.” sarandos also states that Netflix has more  “data-centric decisions than most networks."
I actually use Netflix every single day wheater it be a television serious of a show, or a movie I've been longing to see. and what really attracted my attention was the fact that in the title is states that Netflix is having a growing contender from amazon. I have used Netflix ever since it barley came out on the Wii, and its incredible to know that after all of these years not a lot of company's have actually competed with Netflix before. its really important because for so many years Netflix has been the main site for watching movies and T.V. shows, for cheap, and honestly i think that Netflix is getting burned out. it has the same old movies, and it is often a rare occasion when new releases come out right away. it is obvious for anyone who actually uses the site to tell that the movies they have in each categories are not really that great. it takes them months to update and get new titles but then again no other site was able to contend with a site like this until now.
Honestly this is quite sad. i hate the fact that is has taken so long for another industry too actually step up their game in a impacted way. but I'm bothered because Netflix is deciding to improve their site just because they have a competition now, when Netflix could have improved it since whenever they have had there new ideas but they decide to only update it because they finally have a contender. its sad too know how much they actually care about their consumers when you get straight down to it. as an actual consumer of Netflix this gets me a little mad because they should ALWAYS look for new ideas too help, and improve their site, and as a future filmmaker this is just like i said before sad.
this makes me actually realize how many ideas industys have for the future that they just have not used yet. this makes me Wonder if all of the new features that are barley coming out in every site where brainstormed years ago, and are barley being noticed and uploaded now or, are they actually new fresh ideas?

Monday, August 27, 2012


Fox has asked the court to stop the Dish Network anytime DVR service with auto hop commercial skipping feature. the court has scheduled a date for Fox's request for September 21st. Fox, (and other networks) are considering that they have proof that the prime time, anytime, and auto hop is a violation of the copyrights. earlier this week Dish network has modified there lawsuit as well as the "devices software to put emphasise “optional” recording and commercial-skipping instead the original wording “automatic.”." other networks are fighting dish on multiple courts as well, but Dish claims that their "costumers pay for the right to watch the networks programming, with our without commercials."
This caught my eye instantly because I am a viewer of Dish Network, and this specific article made me want to write about it because once i read it, I simply did not completely agree with Fox, and the other networks that are also battling Dish network that they are violating a copyright. This can effect A LOT in the television industry because if Fox, and the other networks do win the fight in court between their selves and Dish network they would not only hurt Dish as a company, but the costumers at Dish as well. The costumers would be FORCED to watch television the "old fashion way". And personally being a primary viewer of Dish network, I can 100% fully say for myself that, their is far too many commercials that the networks such as Fox, NBC, and ABC advertise to begin with. And I truly, and honestly do not see anything wrong with Dish having the anytime DVR service because adults, and students such as myself work, or do not get home until later in the afternoon and wouldn't mind to watch a program without commercials constantly appearing every five minutes, (not even mentioning the commercials take up half of the program anyway).
As a student who does a lot of work and actually tries my hardest to get work done no matter what time I get home, or how long it takes me, and sometimes I do get the tendency to get annoyed or, irritated after finishing everything I need to do and come to see that their are 8 minute long commercials through mostly every channel I want to watch and simply makes me want to turn off the television. This specific article really did impact me because it taught me that there are specific rules, or laws that you have to follow or pay close attention to so I, in the future will not get in trouble for violating any given information that I should follow.
and as a future filmmaker this really makes me start to think that, their is still very much that I have to learn about the film business, or industry that I would really have to look out for in the future, and also that i have to step up and prove that I know what I am doing which I'm pretty sure Dish will try showing during the court meeting on September 21st.
I have a hard time comprehending why Fox network is trying to stop these services now. Dish network has been doing this for more than several years now, and this really makes me wonder if Fox needs something from Dish and is just trying "expose" their bad side so that they can hope for something in return? whatever the case may be I find it quite suspicious because like I said Dish has been doing this service for years, so why NOW?


Thursday, August 16, 2012


New York is having their 50th Film Festival and according to Richard Peña, (Selection Committee Chair & Program Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center), "The films making up the main slate of this year’s NYFF (New York Film Festival), have in common a general quality of fearlessness". These are films that are all very unique in their own creative way. Award winners will be their, as well as the Actresses/Actors. and two directors will be making their debut , including, Antonio Mendez Esparza’s, and Pablo Larrain’s. both top, and grand prize winners on very disparate films.
This is important to me because, I am going to make a film with my two friends for the film festival that is going to be located at Anaheim. That is what probably caught my eye the most. I want to be motivated. And this helped me get on to that track, just seeing all of the directors that are going to be their, and all the ones that have won awards in the past and expecting them in the future as well.
This article has an impact on me, that wants me to push myself to be the very best that i can be so that i can achieve the high expectations i have set for myself. I want to be BETTER than these directors. I want to be one of the very greatest. I want to be one of the very young directors that end up having a lot of success because of my strive. This is going to make me work harder in school for what i want to accomplish. By reading this it makes me what to see who the directors are for each film that i go see and what is their background and what accomplishments the director has done thought his/her career.
This makes me wonder how did all of the people that are so successful right now winning those awards, get to the point that they are in right now. I want to know so that i can set my own path so that others could follow. I want to know how long they have been trying their hardest, and how much passion all of these directors have in their work. I want to know so that i can learn a little from each and everyone so that i can put all of the main points into my own unique journey into becoming one of the greatest.