Thursday, October 4, 2012

Media Distribution Deal

Paramount Home Media, and Warner Brothers Entertainment united today (October 4th, 2012) and claimed there alliance revolving around more than six hundred catalog titles from Paramount's film library. The deal that Paramount allows Warner Brothers is to distribute the more than six hundred titles to physical Blu-ray and DVD with Paramount's exclusive rights to the United States and Canada, and Paramount's UltraViolet offerings will be available to non-exclusive rights through Flixster. This also allows Warner brother to manufacture on demand rights to "include UltraViolet Digital Copy bundled with packaged media." In return Paramount will receive all digital rights for their titles, including EST, VOD, and subscription VOD. This is a three year deal that will take full effect on New Years day of 2013, only approximately 100 cornerstone titles such as major movie franchises are excluded from the agreement.
This was interesting due to the statement that two major industries are gathering together to actually make a agreement on becoming alliances and working with each other rather than against. This impacts the way that consumers will buy DVDs and how they see them as well. from a personal perspective, their are movie rental stores that only sale a specific brand of films, weather its Paramount or Warner Brothers it would not matter as soon as we start the New Year. Both companies will in a way share their product but in their own individual way creatively make them unique in the way the viewer visually experiences the product. This very well impacts the way (As a consumer) that i would want to see the product. this makes me choose besides the two and i would honestly want to receive the greater product. This revels how the industries are trying new things and demonstrates how they use strategy and statics to obtain what ever they may want. This makes me think if the industries have deals all of the time, and if they would be willing to sacrifice a lot of their franchise to better the future, in a way taking a risk.

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