Thursday, September 27, 2012

California Governor Signs Law To Protect Child Actors

Governor Jim Brown has singed a law in which bar registered sex offenders who have shown minors working for the entertainment industry. this law requires criminal background checks for maneges, photographers, and other unsupervised compatibility to young performers. this law has gained momentum since last year when the arrest of a convict child molester, who had been working as a casting associate with children. up until this point only agents and studio teachers have been subjected to fingerprinting and background checks.
this is going to change the industry in a very major way for the better. the fact seeing that the government is actually making an effort on helping protect child actors is great and this is truly great because now if people actually want to get somewhere weather it be in music, film, or just getting recognized they can feel a bit more safe with this law taking act. they do not longer have to worry about if they can, "trust" somebody with their work. for instance if a teenager wants to become a successful director one day and some strange producer comes out of no where i highly doubt that they would
"trust" that person.
this is significantly huge because as a student i want to know one hundred and fifty percent that i am safe with the people that i am surrounded by especially if its having to do with the entertainment industry. and i know that if i ever want to become something to do with that side of the industry i would be very highly cautious because you honestly cant determine if someone is really bad or not, and the fingerprinting is really a great thing because it show if someone is telling you the truth or not. I also know that if i are to become a future filmmaker i would make sure that all of my staff, and crew are 100% clean on their record books and would never even think about doing anything like molesting a child in their life.
i believe it is great that this part of the industry is starting to take percussion on who people can rile on and i just wonder every single industry will be in the future? will they be 100% legitimate? will they gradually start slipping ? or will they actually help you make it into success?.


  1. As a consumer this is nice to know, because when watching family themed movies with child actors you can feel a bit safer with them not being abused in the industry by their manager. I hope this law helps. Also, besides the convicted child molester last year in the film industry that you talked about, I feel like people are trying to protect children more than ever for happenings like Sandusky.

  2. This is a great move by Governor Brown. I'm glad that we can trust the industry just a little more. Plus, this will up the governor's popularity level for the next election!