Friday, September 14, 2012


Netflix Unfazed By Growing Competition From Amazon, Exec Says

a new contender is attempting to take competition with Netflix after so many years, but according to chief content officer ted sarandos he is not concerned with the competition because of a deal with Netflix and Epix are going negotiate in the near future. The only reason why Netflix is actually getting Epix's is because Epix is exclusive, so therefore not so many people want to pay so much just to see one movie. Ted sarandos believes that this is very important because “the most-watched content on Netflix is exclusive to Netflix.” sarandos also states that Netflix has more  “data-centric decisions than most networks."
I actually use Netflix every single day wheater it be a television serious of a show, or a movie I've been longing to see. and what really attracted my attention was the fact that in the title is states that Netflix is having a growing contender from amazon. I have used Netflix ever since it barley came out on the Wii, and its incredible to know that after all of these years not a lot of company's have actually competed with Netflix before. its really important because for so many years Netflix has been the main site for watching movies and T.V. shows, for cheap, and honestly i think that Netflix is getting burned out. it has the same old movies, and it is often a rare occasion when new releases come out right away. it is obvious for anyone who actually uses the site to tell that the movies they have in each categories are not really that great. it takes them months to update and get new titles but then again no other site was able to contend with a site like this until now.
Honestly this is quite sad. i hate the fact that is has taken so long for another industry too actually step up their game in a impacted way. but I'm bothered because Netflix is deciding to improve their site just because they have a competition now, when Netflix could have improved it since whenever they have had there new ideas but they decide to only update it because they finally have a contender. its sad too know how much they actually care about their consumers when you get straight down to it. as an actual consumer of Netflix this gets me a little mad because they should ALWAYS look for new ideas too help, and improve their site, and as a future filmmaker this is just like i said before sad.
this makes me actually realize how many ideas industys have for the future that they just have not used yet. this makes me Wonder if all of the new features that are barley coming out in every site where brainstormed years ago, and are barley being noticed and uploaded now or, are they actually new fresh ideas?

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  1. Honestly, I don't use Netflix. I kind of think it's a waste of money. In the $8 you pay every month, the recent movies are usually on DVD. Then you have to wait for the DVD to be mailed to you and you go through the hassle of having to mail it back. Instead of Epix, I'd actually think that Redbox would be more of a competition. After all, Redbox is easily accessible through almost any store. I prefer Redbox over Netflix any day.