Monday, August 27, 2012


Fox has asked the court to stop the Dish Network anytime DVR service with auto hop commercial skipping feature. the court has scheduled a date for Fox's request for September 21st. Fox, (and other networks) are considering that they have proof that the prime time, anytime, and auto hop is a violation of the copyrights. earlier this week Dish network has modified there lawsuit as well as the "devices software to put emphasise “optional” recording and commercial-skipping instead the original wording “automatic.”." other networks are fighting dish on multiple courts as well, but Dish claims that their "costumers pay for the right to watch the networks programming, with our without commercials."
This caught my eye instantly because I am a viewer of Dish Network, and this specific article made me want to write about it because once i read it, I simply did not completely agree with Fox, and the other networks that are also battling Dish network that they are violating a copyright. This can effect A LOT in the television industry because if Fox, and the other networks do win the fight in court between their selves and Dish network they would not only hurt Dish as a company, but the costumers at Dish as well. The costumers would be FORCED to watch television the "old fashion way". And personally being a primary viewer of Dish network, I can 100% fully say for myself that, their is far too many commercials that the networks such as Fox, NBC, and ABC advertise to begin with. And I truly, and honestly do not see anything wrong with Dish having the anytime DVR service because adults, and students such as myself work, or do not get home until later in the afternoon and wouldn't mind to watch a program without commercials constantly appearing every five minutes, (not even mentioning the commercials take up half of the program anyway).
As a student who does a lot of work and actually tries my hardest to get work done no matter what time I get home, or how long it takes me, and sometimes I do get the tendency to get annoyed or, irritated after finishing everything I need to do and come to see that their are 8 minute long commercials through mostly every channel I want to watch and simply makes me want to turn off the television. This specific article really did impact me because it taught me that there are specific rules, or laws that you have to follow or pay close attention to so I, in the future will not get in trouble for violating any given information that I should follow.
and as a future filmmaker this really makes me start to think that, their is still very much that I have to learn about the film business, or industry that I would really have to look out for in the future, and also that i have to step up and prove that I know what I am doing which I'm pretty sure Dish will try showing during the court meeting on September 21st.
I have a hard time comprehending why Fox network is trying to stop these services now. Dish network has been doing this for more than several years now, and this really makes me wonder if Fox needs something from Dish and is just trying "expose" their bad side so that they can hope for something in return? whatever the case may be I find it quite suspicious because like I said Dish has been doing this service for years, so why NOW?


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  1. I definitely agree with you! Fox shouldn't be doing this now. Many people that have had Dish for while are used to it. So why change it? This will really impact Dish and more other networks. It would be nice to watch TV with out any commercials because its usually as long as the show.