Friday, October 26, 2012

"Cloud Atlas"

"No woman was ever ruined by a book", New York City Mayor Jimmy Walker stated, "but filmmakers are always being seduced by them, with unlucky audiences left to pay the price." by the reviewer writing this he is trying to tell the reader that him as an audience member did not feel pleased with the film, and in his opinion had "frustrating results". the reviwer also makes a statement that the crew set up to record this film said by  Andy Wachowski"the sum of human experience," The reviewer says "The main stumbling block that "Cloud Atlas" presents is . . . wildly different stories that unfold in multiple locations over hundreds of years (though that alone is obviously a major hurdle).

I really wanted to see this movie because i actually like how the camera looked during the trailer, and i really like the story of this film due to personal reasons. this really stands out to me because mostly, if not at least 60 percent of movies have to do with vampires, and werewolf's over and over again and i think that its great that there can finally be a film that doesn't have anything to do with today's repeatedly iconic movies. 

although after reading this review I'm not 100 percent sure if i feel the same way as a consumer. the reviewer makes so many negative statements. But everyone has their own opinion. even though this review has had an impact on how i believe the films expectations are to myself i still would like to go see this film because of the entire plot. This also raises my awareness on how as a filmmaker every single step, and move that is made is under the magnifying glass by everyone. Its okay due to the fact that it thrives oneself to try their hardest. 

This particular review did not really raise any questions to me, but i really respect all of the filmmakers that EXPRESS themselves through their own films and are not afraid to do something UNIQUE and have a CHANCE to actually do what they love to do without anyone always watching their every step until they trip. i love how filmmakers GROW with every film that is presented without negative feedback or any feed back at all. 

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  1. I wanted to see this movie as well but never had the chance to see it. I didn't know that the movie got bad reviews. You are right, everyone has their own opinion on a movie.