Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pan's Labyrinth

"Pan's Labyrinch", the 2006 film directed by Guillermo del Toro is soon to be transformed into a new musical. the film is about, "a young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer who finds refuge and terror in a fantasy world in 1944 Fascist Spain. The stage version already has a book that has been written by del Toro and Jeremy Ungar". Pual Williams and  Gustavo Santaolalla have just gotten hired to write the lyrics and music. for the past years del toro has been working on this musical quietly
I really loved this movie when i was small and i really admire scary movies because of all of the hype that leads to the final scenes what might been the most terrifying thing you have ever witnessed. Although this is not the case for this film i still really love the dark fantasy that Del Toro has created to really make the very best that he possibly could to interpret everything to present his voice as a director. It has taken quite a while to have something relative to the film, and to know that is it becoming a musical is great because if you have ever seen the movie you can easily comprehend how the musical would look.

just by reading this article it makes me remember how in film anything can be done. and Del Toro created a transformation of a fantasy, and darkness to make it into a great movie. If he could combine the two to make the best of it, then anything that anyone ever does should be done by the persons greatest ability to do so. i for one would actually really want to go and watch this musical because i believe that it will simpily be great.


  1. This is really interesting because I can imagine all sorts of new ideas this film can inspire. However, I do not know if making a musical out of a horror movie is such a good idea...I cannot really imagine that kind of twist but it may turn out great in the end. I would like to see it though, once it is finished, to see if it really worked out or not.

  2. I haven't watched Pan's Labyrinth but from what I've heard it is a very visual movie so I wonder how the musical will keep that concept, but that is ncie to see that it'll be a musical.