Thursday, November 15, 2012


An MTV investor is concerned about a 31% prime time rating in comparison of the present year, and the previous of 2011. "But CEO Philippe Dauman assured analysts this morning that MTV is “not broken.”" in fact the CEO states that the channel is "highly successful", and “no concerns about MTV’s vitality going forward.” The CEO also stated that "Catfish" (the TV show) about online romance became ”the highest-rated launch in MTV history.” 

This illustrates the confidence level that MTV has, but mainly the CEO. I choose this article because honestly i was watching Jersey Shore, and an article on MTV came out so i saw no reason not to write about this. But what first caught my eye was the title of the article "MTV is not broken". this brought to my attention because when people think of MTV they think of really entertaining shows from "teens and young adults". and i just had curiosity on why they would even state a comment of MTV not being broken, but now we know why. 

This actually does not have an impact on me as a student because its irrelevant. However as a future filmmaker this makes me aware that one must always be on the very climax of his/hers game, and if not percentages will lower harshly and someone else WILL step up next. 

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