Thursday, March 14, 2013

Journal #2

This week me and Melvin had to create a beat sheet after re-writing the treatment. I can see where these beat sheets come in handy. They are pretty short for our treatments, and it gets all the main points in the story nice and short. The beat sheet is pretty much just an outline which guides us when we start writing screenplays.

I feel as if me and my partner are having a great time with this. Yes we may mess around a bit i admit it, however we both innovate ideas which allows us to benefit the film and i honestly love how it is right now. Its a whole lot more clear, and it all makes sence.

Honestly me and my partner can imagine all of the great noir that come from this film. I hope it gets picked to be produced, although I believe that everyone's film should be produced because everyone, as i said before has diffrent opinions, and diffrent likings. This is a film class so what would be better than watching a film rather than hearing it?

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